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B.Sc. Hons. (Ife, 1982), M.Sc. (SFU, 1988), Ph.D. (Manitoba, 1995)

School of Computer Science, University of Windsor

Former undergraduate chair(2009-Apr 2015)

Senior ACM professional Member.

Faculty since 1988 at UniUyo, UPEI, UWindsor.


Announcements Updated July 13, 2020

·   1 Position is open for an excellent Ph.D student in my lab. Candidate must have a research thesis based M.Sc. degree in CS with specialization in related field. If eligible, contact me via email (given below).

·   There are no openings for M.Sc. students in my lab now. Contact me via email (given below).

·   Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 students in my Comp 3150 (03-60-315) (Database Management Systems) class are encouraged to check the blackboard system for course related information and updates, and attend all classes. 

Research Interests                                                       

Distributed Object Based Systems

Data Warehousing Systems

Data Mining

Teaching Interests

Fall 2020

·         Comp 3150 (60-315)

·         Comp 8100 (60-510) (Literature Review and Survey)

·         Students interested in taking up projects for 60-499

Winter 2021

·         Comp 3150 (60-315)

·         Comp 8390 (60-539) (Non-traditional database systems: Data Warehousing and Mining)

Some courses previously taught     

·   Comp 1400 (60-140), Comp 3300 (60-330), 60-470, 60-492, Comp 8100 (60-510), 60-520, 60-599, 

·   Comp 4150 (60-415)  (Advanced and Practical Database Systems with Oracle PL/SQL and forms)

·   Comp 8920 (60-592)  (Selected Topics on Web Data Extraction Techniques for Recommendation Systems)


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